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Ok... you're turn... post your Suni support!​

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Wow, she really stepped in when she needed to! SO excited for her. Watching her was just a treat, and what an accomplishment. She definitely exceeded everyone's expectations.

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My dd who is a 16 yo level 9 was holding her breath, screaming into a blanket during Suni’s bars, cheering and closing her eyes during her beam series. After it was all over, she posted something on Snapchat on how proud she was of her. I told her this is exactly how it feels to be a gym mom!

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This is awesome! The first Olympic gold AA competing in college! She really presents herself with a very grounded demeanor. Refreshing to see someone spurn the pure $$ for the education and experience.

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My daughter is at the Gopher camp right now and it’s SUNI LEE DAY IN MINNESOTA!

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She should really benefit from NLI ( the new law that allows athletes to capitalize on their name). Auburn is working with her already on it.

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I’m just so thrilled for Suni!! She has been my favorite gymnast to watch this quad. She has always seemed so sweet and down to earth and after all that she and her family have been through, I can’t think of a more deserving gymnast to take the AA. So well deserved and excited for the doors that this will open for her and her family.

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