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Where can I watch NCAA college gymnastics?

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Where can I find the current NCAA gymnastics rankings?

Current college gymnastics rankings can always be found on Road To Nationals.

NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship Information

When is the 2o24 NCAA Gymnastics Championship?

Championships dates are still TBD.

Where will the 2024 NCAA Gymnastics Championships be held?

The NCAA Gymnastics Championships will be in Fort Worth, Texas at the Dickies Arena.

RegionalAnn Arbor, Mich.Crisler CenterTBAMichigan
RegionalBerkeley, Calif.Haas PavilionTBACalifornia, Berkley
RegionalFayetteville, Ark.Barnhill ArenaTBAArkansas, Fayetteville
RegionalGainesville, Fla.Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell CenterTBAFlorida
ChampionshipFort Worth, TexasDickies ArenaTBATexas Woman’s and Knight Eady

NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship HISTORY

2023 NCAA National Championship Results

  1. Oklahoma (Sooners) – 198.3875 *Defending Champion!
  2. Florida (Gators) – 198.2375
  3. Utah (Red Rocks) – 197.938
  4. LSU (Tigers) – 197.525

Other Top 8 Teams From Last Season

  1. UCLA (Bruins)
  2. Kentucky (Wildcats)
  3. California (Golden Bears)
  4. Denver (Pioneers)
2023OklahomaK.J. Kindler198.3875Florida198.2375Fort Worth, Texas
2022OklahomaK.J. Kindler198.2000Florida198.0875Fort Worth, Texas
2021MichiganBeverly Plocki 198.25Oklahoma198.1625Fort Worth, Texas
2020Canceled due to Covid-19
2019OklahomaK.J. Kindler198.3375LSU197.8250Fort Worth, Texas
2018UCLAValorie Kondos Field198.0750Oklahoma198.0375St. Louis
2017OklahomaK.J. Kindler198.3875LSU197.7375St. Louis
2016OklahomaK.J. Kindler197.675LSU197.450Fort Worth, Texas
2015FloridaRhonda Faehn197.850Utah197.800Fort Worth, Texas
2014Florida, OklahomaRhonda Faehn, K.J. Kindler198.175LSU197.600Birmingham, Ala.
2013FloridaRhonda Faehn197.575Oklahoma197.375UCLA
2012AlabamaSarah Patterson197.850Florida197.775Georgia Tech
2011AlabamaSarah Patterson197.65UCLA197.375Cleveland
2010UCLAValorie Kondos Field197.725Oklahoma197.25Florida
2009GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.825Alabama197.575Nebraska
2008GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.45Utah197.125Georgia
2007GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.85Utah197.25Utah
2006GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.75Utah196.8Oregon State
2005GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.825Alabama197.4Auburn
2004UCLAValorie Kondos Field198.125Georgia197.2UCLA
2003UCLAValorie Kondos Field197.825Alabama197.275Nebraska
2002AlabamaSarah Patterson197.575Georgia197.25Alabama
2001UCLAValorie Kondos Field197.575Georgia197.4Georgia
2000UCLAValorie Kondos Field197.3Utah196.875Boise State
1999GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan196.85Michigan196.55Utah
1998GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan197.725Florida196.35UCLA
1997UCLAValorie Kondos Field197.15Arizona State196.85Florida
1996AlabamaSarah Patterson198.025UCLA197.475Alabama
1995UtahGreg Marsden196.65Alabama, Michigan196.425, 196.425Georgia
1994UtahGreg Marsden196.4Alabama196.35Utah
1993GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan198Alabama196.825Oregon State
1992UtahGreg Marsden195.65Georgia194.6Minnesota
1991AlabamaSarah Patterson195.125Utah194.375Alabama
1990UtahGreg Marsden194.9Alabama194.575Oregon State
1989GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan192.65UCLA192.6Georgia
1988AlabamaSarah Patterson190.05Utah189.5Utah
1987GeorgiaSuzanne Yoculan187.9Utah187.55Utah
1986UtahGreg Marsden186.95Arizona State186.7Florida
1985UtahGreg Marsden188.35Arizona State186.6Utah
1984UtahGreg Marsden186.05UCLA185.55UCLA
1983UtahGreg Marsden184.65Arizona State183.3Utah
1982UtahGreg Marsden148.6Cal State Fullerton144.1Utah

What Olympians are currently competing in collegiate gymnastics?

  • Jade Carey (Oregon State & USA)
  • Jordan Chiles (UCLA & USA)
  • Suni Lee (Auburn & USA)
  • Grace McCallum (Utah & USA)
  • Brooklyn Moors (UCLA & Canada)
  • Amelie Morgan (Utah & Great Britain)
  • Shallon Olsen (Alabama & Canada)
  • Tan Sze En (Stanford & Singapore)

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Talk about all your favorite college routines for the 2023 season here!​

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I'll start with a couple of perfect 10.0's...

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If you have ideas to improve the college schedule here at ChalkBucket… please post them in the following thread…

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Haleigh Bryant with the 10.0 on vault!

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I can’t find the video from last night’s meet online yet, but Helen Hu’s beam is my absolute favorite in the NCAA right now.

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I can’t find the video from last night’s meet online yet, but Helen Hu’s beam is my absolute favorite in the NCAA right now.

She was amazing last night on beam! She really is special.

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We are going to try to centralize our women's college gymnastics talk in order to really grow it. If you are interested... post in this thread!​

How about this one? Crazy!

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Freshman Nikki Smith took the AA against Michigan with a 39.5250!

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My daughter and I watched that last night. We’ve always enjoyed Michigan, but MSU was *really* fun to watch. The commentary, was excellent, too. I wish the Big 10 Network televised more meets.

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We’ve always enjoyed Michigan, but MSU was *really* fun to watch.

Right... it's good to see some other colleges moving up.

The commentary, was excellent, too.

Yes... they are really trying to push gymnastics into the big time.

I wish the Big 10 Network televised more meets.

We are going to keep the college schedule updated with "watch" links so everyone can find the schedule and talk all right here on ChalkBucket!

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Talk about coolness!

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That Michigan/MSU meet was fun. It was quite the contrast of a senior laden team versus an underclass person team. Michigan's title window is rapidly closing at least for a couple years. MSU will be a very interesting team in a year or two.
I actually hated the commentary at the meet. Olivia was ok but I can do less with the syrupy "B10 is one happy family,,,," comments and just stick to gymnastics. The guy was horrible. Production value of B10 meets are the worst. They never update scores, never show graphics to help viewers and camera angles and sometimes sound tend to be poor. Try watching a B10+ production where you just get the jumbotron feed, ouch! SEC is by far the best production value followed closely by Pac 12.
The Utah-Oklahoma meet was a bit of a bust. It was weird, OK seemed a little off but still almost broke 198. They are just soooooo good. Utah seemed like they didnt want to be there.

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I thought Olivia Kara did a great job! It was a fun meet to watch. Scoring was fair too.

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I thought Olivia Kara did a great job! It was a fun meet to watch. Scoring was fair too.

Yes, I’ve heard her do a couple of meets and think she does a great job.

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I'm a little late here... but this is what we are going to start doing to the thread to divide it up into weeks.

Also... all the the "watch" links have been added to the college schedule for todays events. You can check it out below...

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Was good night of SEC meets last night. Nice to see Kentucky and Arky pull out rare wins against Bama and LSU. Arkansas got some generous scores last night but still was the better of LSU. Kentucky put together a solid meet. I didnt get to see the Auburn meet, but I did see UF/Georgia. Florida just shy of the 198 mark, still playing with lineups though and they actually had 5 10 SV vaults. Georgia just not there, but can take some solace in hitting routines and showing some steady growth. Quite the contrast from the last 3 years.

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